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Hottest Year Ever Update: Germany has 3rd coldest December on record & coldest year since 1996

December Temperature Anomalies 1900-2010
Coldest December since 1969 / Coldest year since 1996
1 January 2011 Google translation from Readers Edition

A December and a year with a difference. Not warm, but cold.

The average temperature in December 2010 was -3.5 to -4.3 degrees Celsius degrees below the air many years of 0.8 ° C. So that Germany experienced the coldest December since 1969 (-4.7 ° C).

At many monitoring stations featured the DWD experts new monthly record of "maximum snow depth" set: for example, on 26 Gera-Leumnitz with 70 cm. All over Germany people were celebrating the first time since 1981, a white Christmas.

Also at the weather station Potsdam Telegrafenberg (DWD) - situated directly at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) - many new records. On 28.12.2010 in Potsdam, a snow height was measured from 41 cm. This has never happened before in Potsdam in December month since records began in 1893. The are eighteen inches more than the previous highest December snow cover of 23 cm, which at 31 was measured in December 1913. -4.4 ° C, the zweitk√§lteste December in Potsdam was recorded since records began in 1893. Colder was only in December 1969 in Potsdam.

Many climate researchers had promised us an increase of warm and snow-less winters. Now they do the third cold winter and the result directly in front of their door. The second last winter was -0.4 ° C and the last winter to -1.5 ° C below the long-term average. The present is the beginning of winter so far in every way. The December 2010, the drittk√§lteste since 1900. Colder, only in December 1969 and of December 1933. 

But not only the part was far too cold, even in 2010 was in Germany as a whole is too cold. The first time in 14 years (since 1996), is a year from getting colder, than the long-term average (average of 1961-90 to 8.2 ° C). The average temperature in 2010 was 7.9 ° C at - 0.3 ° C below the air many years worth of 8.2 ° C.

All in all, a year that does not meet the climate predictions of climate scientists, because they predicted one thing in advance, a continuous temperature increase.
Germany monthly temperature anomalies show no significant temperature increase - let alone an accelerated temperature rise - over the last 20 years

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