Monday, February 13, 2012

New book 'Marketing for Scientists' bashes Marc Morano, calls for 'scientists' to take marketing photos with polar bear cubs

Attention alarmist "scientists": A new book "Marketing for Scientists: How to Shine in Tough Times" provides marketing tips to help "scientists" avoid a "career death knell" by being "savvier about promoting their work and themselves" with the use of sales techniques "to land a good job, win funding, and shape the public debate." Helpful tips include "posing for pictures with polar bear cubs as WWF scientist Geoff York has done" or maybe "starting charities to help people or animals suffering from hurricane damage or from [unidentified] diseases made widespread by climate change." The post-normal science guide advises that "The more real [like what, specifically?] issues related to climate change we can raise, market, and brand, the bigger the portion of the American psyche we will occupy."


  1. It's pretty difficult to market your "brand" when you have no supporting evidence for your particular delusion.

    I let extremist climate bloggers do my marketing for me. When they trash me, they give me far more visibility than I could possibly generate on my own

  2. But isn't false, deceptive, and fraudulent advertising the way ALL professions work? But the establishment is almost always corrupt, and they oppress, harass and obstruct anyone who disagrees with them. Politicians do it, so do medical doctors, public school officials, philosophers, psychiatrists, theologians, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, the police, etc. Sure, in each profession there are good and honest people, but they are the minority. And because of government rules and regulations, grants and funding, the bad ones get away with it. If we actually had something vaguely approaching a free market, most of the corruption would disappear.