Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Climate scientist Dr. Murry Salby explains why man-made CO2 does not control climate

In a highly recommended lecture, Dr. Murry Salby, professor and Climate Chair at Macquarie University, Australia, debunks the popular myth that man-made CO2 controls global temperature. Dr. Murry proves from observations the opposite is true: natural changes in global temperature instead control CO2 levels and that man-made emissions do not control either atmospheric CO2 or the climate. Dr. Salby also debunks the notion that changes in greenhouse gases control ocean temperatures, showing that the huge heat capacity of the ocean means that a tiny ocean cooling of < 0.0005C could cause all atmospheric warming of < 1C observed since pre-industrial times. Dr. Salby shows why nature, not man, is the cause of the increase in CO2 by demonstrating that only the integral of temperature changes explains the changes in atmospheric CO2, not a slow steady rise in man-made emissions.

Significant slides from the presentation are below:

Popular myths

A cooling of the ocean of < 0.0005C could alone account for a 1C rise in atmospheric temperature
A change in radiative forcing due to doubled CO2 is much smaller than the errors in Earth's energy budget assumptions
Change in surface temperature ["surface conditions"] causes changes in atmospheric CO2, not the opposite
Real world observations show atmospheric CO2 levels result from natural temperature changes not man-made emissions. CO2 does not cause changes in global temperature 
Dr. Judith Curry on a prior talk given by Dr. Salby


  1. The video short before it (1/2) at the source web site

    makes this one good for a laugh.

  2. A real climate scientist, who uses the scientific method! How unusual and encouraging.

  3. Dr. Salby is completely wrong about the cause of the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. The change in net emissions per year says next to nothing about the cause of the increasing trend.

    In fact the year by year increase in CO2 is influenced by two (and more) variables: human emissions and temperature (and drought and…). Salby completely ignores the human emissions. If you plot them together with the yearly increase in the atmosphere, you will see that they always are higher than the increase in the atmosphere, in average twice the increase. See:

    Thus nature was a net sink for CO2 for every year in the past 50 years, not a source. The temperature caused variability in the increase rate is a variability in sink capacity of the natural balance and not the cause of the increase…

    1. Ferdinand, still peddling your fallacious "mass balance" argument, I see. It is still wrong. - Bart

    2. AGW Fraud has been exposed. Totalitarian Tax Collecters have been revealed.

      Carbon Dioxide is great molecule and has always been very very good to us.