Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UK documentary from 1990 'The Greenhouse Conspiracy' was remarkably prescient

Reblogged from Claes Johnson:

The Effect of the Green-House Conspiracy with 20 Year Delay

It is illuminating to watch the CH 4 UK documentary Green House Conspiracy from 1990. We see that the hoax of CO2 global warming was effectively deconstructed twenty years ago, by media which then turned into one-sided propaganda machines for CO2 alarm leading up to its peak at the beginning of the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009. Media which were unable to counter the collapse of CO2 alarmism that followed the collapse towards the end of the conference.

Evidently, the effect of the media documentary came out full force with a 20 year delay.

From a description of the film at Google Video:

The Greenhouse Conspiracy is a documentary film broadcast by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 12 August 1990, as part of the Equinox series, which criticized the theory of global warming and asserted that scientists critical of global warming theory were denied funding. The Greenhouse Conspiracy debunks the four pillars of the man made global warming theory-- Pillar 1 - firstly, that the Earth's climate record shows temperature has increased and sea levels have risen. -- Pillar 2 - that carbon dioxide has been the primary cause of these changes. -- Pillar 3 - which is not based on evidence from the past or the present but on predictions of climate models that the doubling of carbon dioxide will result in increases in global temperature of between two and five degrees. -- Pillar 4 - there is the underlying physics which it is widely assumed proves that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that further increases will result in increases in global temperature.


  1. Excellent presentation.

    What has the reporter done since then ?

  2. Brilliant presentation, and all still true today...what has happened to the media since then? Why are they failing us today?