Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Papers: Alarmist Glacier Claims are Overblown

Three peer-reviewed studies published within the past 2 weeks alone have indicated alarmist claims of anthropogenic, unprecedented, rapid glacier melt are overblown:

1. Climate Change Will Affect the Asian Water Towers
  • IPCC claim of Himalayan glacier melt by 2035:
  • "overstated by several hundred years"
  • "oversimplified"
  • "impact less than anticipated"
  • IPCC false claims were "a first-rate disaster"
  • "some scientists saw the error and tried to alert senior authors, but it was "too late" to get the report corrected"

2. 100-year mass changes in the Swiss Alps linked to the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
  • "half of the glacier loss in the Swiss Alps is due to natural climate variability— a result likely to be true for glaciers around the world."
  • "current glacier retreat might be equally due to natural climate variations as it is to anthropogenic greenhouse warming."
  • "Glacier mass loss was particularly rapid in the 1940s and since the 1980s. "

  • "the rate of recession of most of the glaciers in general is on decline"
  • "These observations are in contradiction to the widely popularized concept of anthropogenically induced global warming."
  • "It is believed that the rise of temperature of around 0.6°C since mid-nineteenth century is a part of decadal to centennial-scale climatic fluctuations that have been taking place on this Earth for the past few thousands of years."

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