Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rescue from the Climate Saviors

The Hockey Schtick is honored to present the English release of Rescue from the Climate Saviors, a lay explanation of the physics underlying the fictitious dogma of climate alarmism. KE Research, a German public policy consultancy firm, prepared the report based on interviews and editing assistance from noted German theoretical physicists Ralf D. Tscheuschner & Gerhard Gerlich, authors of the peer-reviewed paper Falsification of the Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects within the Frame of Physics, and numerous other climatologists, physicists, and scientists. KE Research encourages all to freely distribute the report by any means (in unchanged form) and is forwarding copies to all members of the US Senate and House of Representatives, and legislators worldwide.
Rescue from the Climate Saviors 1.1

(The Hockey Schtick also assisted in English translation & editing)
Conclusions of the report include:
  1. The terms “greenhouse effect” and “greenhouse gas” are misnomers and obstruct understanding of the real world.
  2. Earth has a natural “cooling system”. If the planet warms, it will automatically raise its cooling power.
  3. An increase of earth temperatures is only achievable if the heating power is stepped up: first to “load” matter with more energy (i.e. to raise temperatures) and then to compensate for the increasing cooling, which results from the increase of IR radiation into space.
  4. CO2 and other IR-active gases cannot supply any additional heating power to the earth. Therefore, they cannot be a cause of “global warming”. This fact alone disproves the greenhouse doctrine.

  5. The “natural greenhouse effect” (increase of earth temperatures by 33°C) is a myth.
  6. IR-active gases do not act “like a blanket” but rather “like a sunshade”. They keep a part of the solar energy away from the earth’s surface.
  7. IR-active gases cool the earth: 70% of the entire cooling power originates from these molecules. Without these gases in the air, the surface and the air immediately above the ground would heat up more.
  8. The notion that a concentration increase of IR-active gases would impede earth’s cooling is impossible given the true mechanisms explained above.
  9. As a consequence the very foundation of the “Green Tower of Climate Dogma” crumbles. Computer models alleging to forecast warming based on “greenhouse effects” are worthless, and any speculation about the “impact of climate change” accordingly dispensable.
  10. Since the greenhouse hypothesis has been disproven by the laws of physics, it is only a matter of time until the truth becomes public opinion.


  1. Great paper. Yes, the public need to grasp that carbon dioxide is a coolant gas and that all of our atmosphere is also a coolant. So adding more coolant gas to a coolant atmosphere can only have one effect: more cooling. Never can heat be added simply by adding a coolant gas to a coolant atmosphere.
    Only at night does our atmosphere prevent cooling to the extent that the heat stored in the top layers of our planet plus the moisture within the atmosphere takes so long to lose their heat that it remains mostly pleasant till the next day's sunshine adds more heat into the system.

  2. Yeah, Hans, it's the thermal capacity of the atmosphere and its and the oceans ability to redistribute heat that keeps us warmer than the Moon, not greenhouse. If there was no atmosphere containing greenhouse gasses it would get to 107C on the sunny side like the Moon. Instead, greenhouse gasses and clouds keep us cool.

    And, if greenhouse is a blanket that sends some energy back the way it came this must apply to the EMR coming in as well as leaving. In the day there is far more energy coming in from the sun than rising from the earth. So, greenhouse should cool us. A real greenhouse gets warmer inside because air is trapped and can't redistribute heat like the atmosphere can. Without a solid, airtight roof the air is not a greenhouse!

    IPCC speaks of the positive feedback from water vapour. But, if you look at this spectrum of absorption here on wiki it shows that water vapour absorbs and re-emits at many wavelengths of incoming sun radiation. More water vapour (and clouds) will therefore mean more radiation going back into space and not heating earth. Water vapour seems a negative feedback.

  3. Al Gore - read and learn!

    Have forwarded to Chris Hulme, UK mninster of the Envionment & Climate Change.

    Is a public official ignoring evidence and so extracting money (tax) on a knowningly false premise committing a criminal offence?

  4. "Earth has a natural “cooling system"

    I've been trying to point this out to warmists for ages; you cannot hang a planet in the cold dead of space and not expect cooling to take place when at any given time, especially when, at any given time, half the globe is facing away from the sun. Hot air rises, cools, and sinks again - a part of what drives our weather/climate. And reducing/increasing our carbon footprint does not change that.

  5. Please don't use Scribd

    Either through incompetence or as a deliberate act of gatekeeping they are denying access to many people by means of 'All download limits exceeded for this IP' error message.

  6. Anonymous,
    Thanks for letting me know - I changed the link in the text to the KE Research server so you should be able to download directly.

  7. Can you also provide the complete reference for Robert W. Woods paper? It doesn't seem to be listed here.

  8. Wood, R. W. (1909). "Note on the Theory of the Greenhouse". The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, Vol. 17, pp. 319-320.

  9. Great paper! Another resounding refutation to debunk warmist junk science. Thanks for posting, Mark.

  10. http://objectivistindividualist.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-earth-surface-temperature-without.html