Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scientific American: 'The hockey stick chart was in fact incorrect'

Scientific American has just published an interview with physicist Dr. Richard Muller in which he states that Michael Mann's infamous hockey stick graph, the fallen icon of the IPCC, was " fact incorrect. It had been affected by a very serious bug in the way scientists calculated their principal components." While this may be progress for the normally alarmist Scientific American, sadly Michael Mann continues to refuse to acknowledge his scientific misdeeds and buddy Joe Romm has blown another gasket, stating, "It is VERY hard to undo the kind the harm SciAm has done with this piece."
The article also states that Muller calls Al Gore's sci-fi movie An Inconvenient Truth "a pack of half truths" and insists "that many of those who warn of climate change have sold the public a bill of goods." Muller "has taken climate scientists to task for ignoring criticisms by outsiders, including meteorologist Anthony Watts of the Watts Up With That blog and statistician Steve McIntyre of the Climate Audit blog." Romm is partly right - it will be VERY hard to undue the harm SciAm has done to the CAGW hoax in publishing this article.

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  1. It should come as no surprise to the readership of SA.
    Last year they had a poll of their undoubtedly scientifically aware readership.
    SA found to their surprise that the majority(70% I think) did not believe in the CAGW hoax.