Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obama's clean energy scorecard

By Neal Boortz 1/30/12

Now this is what we mean by a command economy.  In a free market economy market forces --- the hundreds of millions of decisions made on a daily basis by hundreds of millions of consumers --- determine market winners and losers and the direction of innovation and business expansion.  Do you remember Microsoft locked in battle with some other computer technology giant for domination of the market for operating systems and Internet surfing?  Frankly, I can’t even remember the name of Microsoft’s principal rival right now ... they’re pretty much gone.  Welcome Lion OX and Firefox.  Where did they come from?  Free market innovation.

Now under Obama’s economic game plan things are completely different.  The government leads and the consumers follow.  Obama has decided that the future of energy is “green,” as they say.  Now maybe Obama is motivation to move in this direction by massive campaign contributions.  We do know he isn’t motivated by market forces ... it’s his intention to replace market forces with political forces.  So ... how’s that working out for us?
Here’s how ....

In just the past week we’ve learned that three so-called “green energy” companies have either gone out of business or are laying off massive numbers of employees.
  1. Evergreen Energy: This company received $5.3 million  in government “stimulus.” That’s either your money or money we had to borrow from China.  Evergreen has filed for bankruptcy. 
  2. Eneri.  They manufacture batteries for electric vehicles.  Bankrupt.  Millions more in “stimulus” money.
  3. Amonix, Inc.  They make solar panels.  $5.9 of your money --- now laying off two-thirds of its workforce; about 200 people.
And of course you remember Solyndra.  About a half-billion shot to hell there.

That’s command economy for you ... and that’s what you’ll get more of with Obama in office.  Government is so much smarter than the consumers.  Let’s see how that works out for us.


  1. Link to Boortz article?

  2. http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/2012/jan/30/obamas-clean-energy-scorecard/

  3. Americans have a president who has been running an un-American agenda.

    He wants to transform the USA into something un-American.

    Americans need to understand who is living in the White House - do Americans not recognise HIM ... '666' ???????????