Saturday, June 28, 2014

EPA is promoting increased ozone pollution by requiring use of ethanol

Right hand/left hand: The EPA is simultaneously promoting an increase and decrease of ozone emissions by requiring use of ethanol, which increases ozone emissions from automobiles by 20%. 

In addition to ozone, ethanol significantly increases emissions of other actual pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitric oxide in comparison to gasoline, and utilizes more fossil fuels in its production than it saves, which also increases CO2 emissions. Fuel economy is also reduced due to use of ethanol, increasing emissions and costs to consumers. Ethanol increases emissions, fuel costs, engine damage, and food prices.

Burning the world's food as ethanol is a lose/lose proposition that benefits nobody or the planet, other than the government-Big-Ethanol-industrial-complex. 

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  1. 1.5 million children and 7.5 million people will die of starvation this year.

    Meanwhile, Gina McCarthy and the EPA chooses to put 280,000,000,000 pounds of corn in our gas tanks this year.

    They have the authority to put a stop to this insanity, no Congressional Action or Executive Order is required.

    According to the National Research Council the use of Ethanol in our gasoline increases our C02 emissions.

    The EPA has been out of control and not accountable to anybody for several years.....and it is about to get much, much worse.

    Gina McCarthy is giddy over the latest executive orders which will do irreparable harm to our country's energy supply. She knows that this latest executive order has absolutely zero possibility of any meaningful reduction in the earth's temperature (the EPA's own model tells her so), but she doesn't talk about that when she is out on her promotional campaigns.

    She says it will reduce asthma attacks by 100,000 per year (an absolute impossibility), heart attacks by 2100 per year (laughable).

    According to McCarthy: The increased cost (which will be far in excess of her estimate) will provide poor people with "an opportunity to conserve". Gee thanks, Gina that's just what we need at this time.

    During the cold spell of last winter, the price of natural gas used for electrical generation in the northeast spiked from $4.00 per mcf to $35.00 per mcf..

    That is just a hint of what is to come when we are forced to shut down our existing coal power plants (or convert them to natural gas).

    Enron's spiking of natural gas to $50.00 per mcf in California bankrupted CP&L.

    What Obama and McCarthy are doing will make Enron's actions look like child's play.

    Unless some extraordinary actions are taken, McCarthy and Obama will be successful in destroying our economy for generations to come.

  2. Dude! I hate to harsh your mellow, but cars don't emit ozone! Doesn't matter what you feed them for fuel, but ozone doesn't come out the tailpipe of a combustion engine! Ozone in the lower atmosphere is created through somewhat complicated photochemical reaction pathways, or by electrical arcs (e.g. lightning).

    Of course, auto emissions are precursors to ozone, and I'm sure what you meant was that the emissions resulting from increased use of ethanol in fuel would result in an increase in ozone.