Monday, June 30, 2014

Global Warming Apocalypse Daily Update

1. Temperatures at the center of Greenland are plunging at the rate of -.88C/yr or 8.8C per decade, according to the Wolfram Alpha analysis of all available data from station BGUQ, the station closest to the center of Greenland with the highest "inferred reliability":

According to AGW theory, the Arctic & Antarctic are the canaries in the coal mine for global warming climate change climate disruption climate destruction

h/t Greenie Watch

2. A real hockey-stick has been found!: Antarctic sea ice has hit the highest levels in recorded history

Note: Climate models falsely predicted Antarctic sea ice would decline more than Arctic sea ice

3. Mother Jones has the scoop scare on the coming jellyfish apocalypse, due to a whopping 0.09C ocean warming over the past 55 years:

Calling all swimmers! Here's how to coexist with our gelatinous friends.

| Mon Jun. 30, 2014 6:00 AM EDT
Millions of golden jellyfish (Mastigias papua etpisonii) swim inside an isolated marine lake in Palau. 
More than 50 million Americans swim in the oceans every year (there are actual government surveys of such things). So if your summer plans involves stripping down and bathing in the sun and salt water of your dreams, read on, intrepid beach-goer. There's something gooey and stingy that's loving warm waters every bit as much as you are (maybe even more), turning those nightmares: jellyfish.

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