Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warmists have it both ways: warming causes more cooling, or not

The Potsdam Institiute for Climate Impact Research says a new paper concludes that the record low temperatures and snow now burying Europe and North America are just what global warming theory predicted:
The overall warming of the earth’s northern half could result in cold winters… Recent severe winters like last year’s or the one of 2005-06 do not conflict with the global warming picture, but rather supplement it.
However, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change boldly predicted in 2007 that Europe and most other regions were "likely" to "very likely" to have milder winters with fewer and shorter cold spells and cold extremes (see page 862 table 11.2):
"Fewer cold outbreaks; fewer, shorter, intense cold spells / cold extremes in winter” are Very Likely (VL) consistent across all model projections for Northern Europe, South Asia, and East Asia and Likely (L) for most other regions:
adapted from Andrew Bolt

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