Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sign the White House Petition to end Obama's War on Coal


End His Assault on our Nation’s Coal Mining Families

American coal creates 766,000 jobs, more than $52 billion in wages to support American families, 40 percent of the nation’s electric generation and is a basic requirement for the production of steel, yet President Obama has openly denounced coal, calling its use in the past a "mistake” -- an insult to the generations of coal miners who made America the greatest nation in the world. He has used executive orders to bypass Congress, imposing impossible standards that will raise the price of energy for all Americans.

We call upon the President to apologize to American coal miners, past and present, and to implement policies and actions to encourage the use of coal - our most abundant and affordable resource - and protect our nation's coal mining jobs to ensure America's energy security.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no financial ties to the coal industry or any other fossil-fuel related industry, but am a beneficiary of the economic prosperity and inexpensive, reliable electricity it provides, without a measurable impact upon climate.


  1. Coal can be safe, but only if it is expensive, sadly. Coal fly ash is very toxic for streams, etc as proven by accidents. Mining is dangerous when done cheaply, as evidenced globally. Even if you ignore the CO2 arguments, Coal has many toxic components released to atmosphere, such as lead, mercury, radon. CLEAN IT ALL UP FIRST then I will be glad to sign a petition to keep using it.

  2. You really don't know what your talking about, if we are going to take away the american folks jobs and way of living to fill the pockets of politicians with the persuation toward natural gas by promoting such hidious accusations let's pick on all the real polutions in the country lick raw sewage being dumped into our streams everywhere, the countless number of autos that are having their catalytic converters removed from vehicles and continue to be unmonitored for the simple reason of fuel efficient cars.