Friday, April 15, 2011

New material posted on the NIPCC website

Sea Level Rise Around Mainland Australia (12 Apr 2011)

Although the four data sets employed in this study all show short-term accelerations in sea level rise near the end of the 20th century, the century as a whole was one of decelerating sea level rise, which is not exactly in harmony with the climate-alarmist contention that the 20th century experienced a warming that rose at a rate and to a height that were both unprecedented over the past millennium or more ... Read More

The Carbon Sink of an Old-Growth Forest in China (12 Apr 2011)

The old notion of old trees contributing next to nothing to global carbon sequestration is manifestly invalid ... Read More

Excess Winter Mortality in Various Developed Countries and Its Implications for Mitigation Policies (12 Apr 2011)

A general warming may reduce mortality and extend life expectancies, at least in the temperate and higher latitudes ... Read More

The Response of High Arctic Tundra to Long-Term Warming (12 Apr 2011)

Long-term warming in the High Arctic will likely enhance plant cover ... Read More

Tropical Cyclones of the North Indian Ocean (13 Apr 2011)

Results suggest a “decreasing trend in the frequency of storms over the Bay of Bengal, contrary to the popular belief that there will be an increase” ... Read More

Evolutionary Responses of a C3 Perennial Herb to Elevated CO2 (13 Apr 2011)

Both “phenotypic and genetic differences have occurred between high and normal CO2 populations” ... Read More

Snowfall and Snowstorms are Not Decreasing as Predicted by Climate Projections (13 Apr 2011)

Since 2007 heavy snowstorms and all-time seasonal records for stations and the Northern Hemisphere have challenged the predictions by the IPCC, NOAA CCSP, the Hadley Center/UKMO and environmental groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists that snowfall and snowstorms were growing increasingly rare and extent was declining. An analysis of pace and time distribution of winter storms by Changnon in 2008, NOAA weekly snow extent data from satellite as compiled by Rutgers Snow Lab and an objective snowstorm index developed by NOAA NCDC gives us a chance to test that hypothesis ... Read More

Precipitation Events in Northern New England, USA (13 Apr 2011)

Are they becoming more extreme? ... Read More

Coral Disease in a Warmer World (13 Apr 2011)

Researchers emphasize “the need to move away from projections based on historic trends toward predictions that account for novel behavior of ecosystems under climate change” ... Read More

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