Sunday, April 24, 2011

"We must end our addiction to economic growth"

but "where are the jobs?"

From the recent Energy Action Coalition’s Power Shift 2011 conference held in Washington, DC, a video of brainwashed 'climate justice' youth activists spouting clueless Hansen-esque nonsense. 


  1. Do any of these people understand what they are really promoting?

    Have any of these people lived in a poor third world country? (Because that's what they are proposing... going back to a de-industrialized nation status... which would mean a USA no longer wealthy, and no longer healthy.

    Where do these insane people, who have had the privilege of being brought up in the greatest nation in the world, get their insane romantic ideas that peasant life will be idyllic?

    Why don't these people first spend a year in Zimbabwe or Bangladesh to get to experience the realities of an existence and lifestyle they would dare aspire to?

    I am simply appalled that such naive people, in the worlds greatest nation, would think so highly of a lifestyle suffered by 60% of the Chinese people and most of the North Korean people.

    Well may they promote such insanity from a position of current relevant national wealth... for they would certainly not endorse it were they in a position of relative national poverty.

    These people should hang their heads in shame!

  2. Good points all

    Unfortunately, ideologue James Hansen of NASA/GISS and proprietor of doctored temperature data continues to espouse the same back to the stone age philosophy