Saturday, July 30, 2011

Declining trend in global sea surface temperatures over past 20 years

The NOAA OIv2 weekly SST [sea surface temperature] data shows a generally declining trend over the past 20+ years since the start of the database on January 3, 1990. Sea surface temperatures are not subject to the corrupting influences of the urban heat island bias in land temperature data, which can account for up to 44% of recorded warming.  Plots and data from the NOAA OIv2 weekly database from 1/3/1990 up to the last week are available here.
Plot from the NOAA site linked above
NOAA data above fitted with 2nd order polynomial shows declining trend [rate of change] over available 20+ year database.

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  1. The proper point to be made, and as I have commented on other sites, is that the data points in 2011 so far follow almost exactly those in 1991. The global tropospheric temp anomaly from satellite (see Spencer's site) is also right at the 1991 level. The world is replaying 1991, so forget 1998 and the "this decade is hotter than the last" chanting from believers. It is 20 years ago, again.