Saturday, July 23, 2011

New paper shows unprecedented decrease in ocean warming since 1992

A paper published this week in the Journal of Geophysical Research shows an unprecedented sharp decline in the trend of sea surface temperatures since 1992.
Lower graph shows estimated trend in Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) in degrees C per year relative to 2006. Black dashed line shows the HadSST2 data set, 3 grey lines show modelled HadSST3 data with median & range, and red line unadjusted buoy data.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for bringing this paper to our attention.

    As Western economic and social organizations face total collapse, it is refreshing that the American Geophysical Union, publisher of the Journal of Geophysical Research, is finally putting experimental observations and data ahead of the propaganda goals of politicians.

    Sordid details of events after the marriage of science and politics, from 1945 to 2011, are reviewed below:

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo