Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unprecedented local warming in Antarctica

As noted by an anonymous commenter, a weather station in Antarctica is showing unprecedented persistent warming of an astounding 63C in comparison to the nearest neighboring weather station. Is anyone, other than skeptics, looking at this astonishing data?
fantasy island antarctica +13 C and +32 C
Svea Ep6 (Antarctica)
Latitude: 74-28S Longitude: 011-31W Altitude: 0 m.
Straight up lies- yes the government is lying as it always does.


reality minus 50 C
Kohnen Ep9 (Antarctica)
Latitude: 75-00S Longitude: 000-00E Altitude: 0 m.

ALL data is government fudged filtered-- Of course the warmer temperatures will be recorded and the colder temperatures will be discarded.


  1. Maybe they are holding a Bic Lighter next to the thermometer to see the numbers more clearly?

  2. Every time you use 1998 as the first year of your trends, I know that you are intentionally lying.

    Do the exact same graph above starting in 2000 or in 1990 and show us the results. If you are NOT trying to lie to us, you should have no problem proving your point without cherry-picking the data.

    Everyone knows that 1998 was an exceptionally hot year, much hotter than average, because of a very strong El Nino. You use 1998 because only by starting with the hottest year can you even get a SLIGHT dip in the graph.

    Notice that every year in the graph, except 2008, is above the average temperature.

    If every year is above average, and most of the top ten hottest years ever happened in the last ten years, how can any sane person even suggest the world is getting colder, or that warming has stopped.

    Go on, I dare you. Do exactly the same graph but select a different starting year, say 2001 (for a ten year graph) or 1991 (for a 20 year graph), or 1981 (for a 30 year graph which is what most climate scientists use).

    Somehow I doubt you will do it. Hell I'll be surprised if this comment isn't deleted.

  3. Even warmists admit there has been no warming since 1998. Aren't you aware of the Kaufmann et al paper just published in PNAS which attempts to explain this on the basis of Chinese aerosols?

    By your logic, Kaufmann is lying and cherry picking because he starts his study period in 1998 and says there has been no GW since 1998.

    The past 30 years temp data has always been right over there for anyone to see ------------>>

    OK you dare me to show a cooling trend since 2001. Here ya go:


  4. Ignore "Kaufmann" at end of last comment

  5. Dear Karmakaze,
    Go here

    Choose 'Monthly Observations'. Scroll down to 'Heat Content', click on button for '1955-now: NODC 0-700m'

    Scroll back up, click on 'Select Field'. On the next page, just click on 'Make Time Series'. This will give global OHC.

    The oceans have not gained any joules of heat since at least 2003. To put this into perspective, for each .001 deg C the oceans drop in TEMPERATURE (in totale), it translates to 1 deg C rise of TEMPERATURE on the surface.

    Also note there is a discontinuity between SST and OHC from 2001-2003 during the transition from XBT to ARGO, which has a larger spatial coverage of the oceans. No matter, global warming has definitely halted for whatever reason.

    The heat content of the oceans dwarf the atmosphere. Keep that in mind the next time someone claims "global warming" has continued unabated.

  6. Thanks for that, slimething !

  7. Taking the temperature inside a heated tent doesn't count.

  8. OK Karmakaze. Let's use a different starting point, 1940 - that's when mans CO2 emissions became significant. But they still are only 3% of what nature creates each year.
    70 yrs - and global temps have gone up about .4C.

    What is average? There is not average! Climate has constantly changed for millions of yrs. During the Little Ice Ages, the European glaciers galloped forward, sometimes increasing 100 yards in a day, wiping out towns that had been there for hundreds of years. What caused that?