Friday, July 11, 2014

The deep regrets of the climate scientists who hired both Mann & Hansen

ICCC 2014 Anecdote:

I had a wonderful time attending the ICCC 2014 in Las Vegas and an opportunity to speak with several prominent climate scientists, including Dr. John Theon, the retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist who first hired James Hansen at NASA, and Dr. Pat Michaels, who first hired Michael Mann as an assistant professor at the University of Virginia.

If I may summarize these conversations, both Drs. Theon and Michaels indicated that they deeply regret hiring Hansen and Mann respectively, arguably the two most damaging people to individual freedom and the economic prosperity of all humanity, especially the poorest individuals on the planet. 


  1. You forgot Steve Schneider and Tom Wigley. Both hired by NCAR and I am sure to their regret.

  2. I like to think of them as Nuclear Winter and Silent Spring.