Friday, March 18, 2011

New material posted on the NIPCC website

Alpine Flora Dynamics in a Warming World (15 Mar 2011)

“Alpine flora appears to be more adaptive and responsive to climate change than generally believed” ... Read More

Aerosol Radiative Forcing of Climate (15 Mar 2011)

We probably do not know the current atmosphere’s aerosol radiative forcing to anything better that ± 100%, which does not engender confidence in our ability to simulate earth’s climate very far into the future with state-of-the-art climate models ... Read More

Future Forecasts of Food, Feed and Fuel Needs (15 Mar 2011)

“Commercial biomass production will compete with food crops for arable land and scarce fresh water resources” ... Read More

Heat Shock Proteins in the Copper Butterfly (15 Mar 2011)

Their presence “might represent an adaptation to occasionally occurring heat spells” ... Read More

Urban Warming in Jakarta, Indonesia (15 Mar 2011)

How much has it driven up central “old-city” temperatures over the past three decades? ... Read More

Northern European and North Atlantic Storminess (15 Mar 2011)

The researchers of this analysis say their finding “lends a cautionary note to those who suggest that anthropogenic greenhouse warming probably results in enhanced extratropical storminess, as this is indicated neither by our own nor existing published observational results for the northeast Atlantic for the last ~150 years” ... Read More

Rising Temperatures and Food-Borne Illnesses (15 Mar 2011)

How do the former affect the latter? ... Read More

The Bleaching of Mentawai Island Corals During the 1997-98 El Niño (16 Mar 2011)

In late 1997 -- during the midst of a strong El Niño that pushed global mean temperature to a level of warmth that has not subsequently been eclipsed -- close to 100% of the coral and fish in the reef ecosystem of the Mentawai Islands (located southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia, in the equatorial eastern Indian Ocean) were killed. However, it was not the debilitating global warmth that led to their demise ... Read More

High-Arctic Wet-Sedge Tundra Response to Regional Warming (16 Mar 2011)

The increase in biomass measured by the authors of this paper “indicates that the long-term ambient warming has stimulated the accumulation of carbon in this system” ... Read More

The Impact of Warming on Photosynthesis in Wheat (16 Mar 2011)

The effects of future increases in air CO2 on photosynthetic electron transport and Rubisco kinetics “may improve the photosynthetic response of wheat to global warming” ... Read More

A Shifting of Paradigms in the Study of Ice-Sheet Grounding Lines (16 Mar 2011)

Contrary to previously prevailing assumptions based on earlier analyses of the subject, the results of this analysis “demonstrate that gravity and deformation-induced sea-level changes local to the grounding line contribute a stabilizing influence on ice sheets grounded on reversed bed slopes” ... Read More

Advances and Retreats of Alaska’s Tebenkof Glacier (16 Mar 2011)

The central portion of the Medieval Warm Period in southern Alaska was likely significantly warmer/drier than it was at any time during the 20th century, or at any subsequent time during the period studies by the authors of this paper ... Read More

Biofuel Blunders (16 Mar 2011)

All things considered, the cure that biofuels are supposed to provide for the imaginary climate-change problem currently not facing mankind is far, far worse than the non-problem they are supposed to solve ... Read More

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