Friday, March 25, 2011

New material posted on the NIPCC website

Trends in Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Characteristics (22 Mar 2011)

Sub-sampling of Tropical Cyclones (TCs) back in time artificially introduces increases in a wide array of TC characteristics, including “frequency of hurricanes and major hurricanes, duration of TCs, length of season, peak intensity, and integrated TC measures [like Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) and Power Dissipation Index (PDI)]” ... Read More

Eleven Years of CO2 Enrichment of a Scrub Oak Ecosystem (22 Mar 2011)

At the time of final harvest, the overall CO2-induced biomass stimulation was 67.5% ... Read More

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Defensive Compounds in Bt-Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Cotton (22 Mar 2011)

We may expect cotton to become ever less susceptible to damage by the cotton bollworm as the air’s CO2 content continues to rise ... Read More

Earth’s Incredible Dissolving Corals (22 Mar 2011)

Model calculations of coral calcification suggest that when the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration reaches 560 ppm, all corals will cease to grow and start to dissolve; but real-world data indicate earth’s reefs have a different opinion about the matter ... Read More

Effects of Warming on a Tallgrass Prairie of the U.S. Great Plains (22 Mar 2011)

Do they hinder or enhance its productivity? ... Read More

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: How Fast Could It Collapse? (22 Mar 2011)

A model of West Antarctic Ice Sheet behavior, created in conjunction with empirical evidence, suggests it will not be disappearing any time soon ... Read More

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Is It About to Self-Destruct? (22 Mar 2011)

A study of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s behavior during the early Pliocene of five to three million years ago sheds new light on its future stability ... Read More

The Response of Norwegian Sea Temperatures to Solar Forcing (23 Mar 2011)

It would appear that the sun has “outshined” nearly all other forcings of climate change on earth over the past millennium ... Read More

Surface Greenhouse Gas Balance: Woodlands vs. Pastures (23 Mar 2011)

This study finds “there is a triple greenhouse-gas benefit from afforestation of pasture systems” ... Read More

Why Plants Sometimes Migrate Downhill as Temperatures Rise (23 Mar 2011)

It may be a matter of moisture ... Read More

The Impact of Urbanization on Indian Monsoon Rainfall (23 Mar 2011)

It is becoming ever more difficult to be able to distinguish what could be the primary cause of any net increase in the global frequency of intense rainfall events that might yet be detected over land ... Read More

Forest Litter Production and Soil Carbon Sequestration (23 Mar 2011)

Results from this study suggest that “changes in litter inputs under elevated CO2 [slight decreases in nitrogen concentration but sizable increases in biomass] should lead to higher long-term carbon storage in soil,” even “despite higher rates of soil respiration” ... Read More

The Water Use Efficiency of Tropical Dry-Forest Trees (23 Mar 2011)

It has improved in response to the increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration that has been experienced over the past four decades ... Read More

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