Sunday, January 31, 2010

Professor Ian Plimer on climate change

Outstanding video explaining the real science of climate change and how Climategate/IPCC shows that climate "science has become so politicized that we no longer look at data." Here (click on 2nd video at bottom)

Couple of points from the lecture that expand upon recent posts here:
1. There have been 6 major ice ages. In 5 of the 6, CO2 levels were significantly higher than they are today, up to 1000 times higher! In 2 of the 6 ice ages the entire planet was frozen over ("snowball earth"), yet with higher levels of CO2 than today. 
2. Spectroscopy data indicates a logarithmically declining effect of increasing CO2 levels on climate, such that at the current level of 385ppm, a further doubling of CO2 levels will have no effect on climate. (which of course explains #1).

And see a transcript of another Plimer lecture.
And more on the history of ice ages and logarithmically declining effect of CO2.

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