Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Introductory Video from the The Galileo Movement‏: Axe the Tax

Malcolm Roberts, Project Leader of The Galileo Movement [Australia] writes with news of this introductory
"Simple, short video preceding a series of five detailed videos exposing Australian government's scam pushing a carbon dioxide tax. 
We have some very powerful opponents aiming to squash us in Australia.
In parliament the government's tax currently has the edge in numbers. 
If we Aussies can change that to kill the government's scam, it'll be another blow against unfounded climate alarm. Please support us by spreading this video urgently."

The detailed five videos from the Galileo Movement will be posted starting next week.

The carbon dioxide tax has divided Australia. This video meets people's needs for truth, understanding, reassurance, security, confidence, hope and clarity.

It uses a dramatic depiction of facts on carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth's atmosphere, including human component.

Set against the Sydney harbour bridge for context.

Produced for The Galileo Movement, a non-profit organisation dedicated to informing people about carbon dioxide and real-world climate science and to restoring integrity to science.

For more information: 

Basic facts on carbon dioxide (CO2): pages 1 & 2 of
CO2 is not a pollutant: pages 3 & 4.

Summary of climate science facts in a nutshell:

Exposing the deliberate manipulations of science pushing global climate alarm: 

Scientific untruths in a nutshell:
Summary of corruptions of climate science:

Please support The Galileo Movement to protect freedom:

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