Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yale says Mann's discredited hockey stick should continue to be used as a "particularly effective climate graphic"

Despite being one of the most thoroughly discredited papers of the modern age and dropped in shame by the IPCC, the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media says today that Michael Mann's hockey stick graph should still be used as a "particularly effective climate [hoax] graphic."

Interactive Graphics Illustrate Benefits Of  Visualizations on Climate Change Issues

In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In climate change communications … it’s visualizations, visualizations, visualizations.  Here we post some of the most iconic in the field and some having the most communications and information impact. 
Strategic use of visualizations and graphics, particularly when they are designed to be interactive, can be key to presenting large amounts of climate information in an easily digestible form. With outstanding graphics, audiences can engage directly with the information being presented, helping them make sense of large data sets and helping them see connections in complex phenomena.
Here’s an initial listing of some particularly effective climate graphics. If you don’t see your favorites below, please add a comment at the end of this feature identifying them.

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