Thursday, October 24, 2013

Al Gore, the 'patron saint of climate fraud', throws another climate lie on the barbie

Al Gore Throws Another Climate Lie On The Barbie

Junk Science: Al Gore, patron saint of climate fraud, argues with Australia's prime minister that its brushfires are not caused by warming and that the record shows the koala bear, like the polar bear, is quite safe.
They were the largest Australian bushfires in a populous region in recorded history, consuming half the state of Victoria, claiming 12 lives and destroying an estimated 1 million sheep and thousands of cattle. And they occurred in February 1851 during one of the coldest years on record.
Bushfires have been part of Australian life for centuries, long before the Industrial Revolution and the sale of the first SUV.
Since the 1851 fires, there've been the 1898 fires in Victoria, which consumed 2,000 buildings, fires in Victoria in 1938 that killed 71 and destroyed 3,700 buildings, and the Ash Wednesday fires in the early 1980s that left 71 dead in the state of South Australia.
Australia has been battling another round of massive bushfires west of Sydney for more than a week now, fires not unlike those that have occurred throughout its history. The difference is that this time we have Al Gore and his climate co-conspirators at the U.N., the corrupt and fraudulent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to blame the fires on climate change.
Gore is upset with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's insistence that the recent New South Wales wildfires are not linked to climate change and his statement on Australian radio that "these fires are certainly not a function of climate change, they are just a function of life in Australia."
Abbott has also dismissed U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres' assertion that there was "absolutely" a connection between wildfires and rising global temperatures.
In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Monday, Figueres, the head of the U.N.'s climate change negotiations, said there was a clear link between climate change and bushfires such as those raging in New South Wales.
That global temperatures have flat-lined for the past 15 years or so doesn't seem to bother Gore or Figueres. Ignoring the historical record and current satellite observations and measurements, Gore equated Abbott's comments to the insistence by tobacco companies for decades that there was no link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.
"It reminds me of politicians here who got a lot of support from the tobacco companies and who argued to the public that there was absolutely no connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer," Gore said on ABC's Los Angeles affiliate Wednesday night.
This echoes the mantra of the climate scammers that climate change "deniers" have long had their science-based skepticism subsidized by energy companies.
Yet it is Al Gore and others like him who have gotten rich peddling their climate fiction, while leading governments to stunt economic growth and divert scarce billions to chase a mirage.
The inconvenient truth for Gore et al is that wildfires have been decreasing as have been instances of drought that cause them.
"Historical analysis of wildfires around the world shows that since 1950 their numbers have decreased globally by 15%," wrote Bjorn Lomborg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and the Copenhagen Business School in the Wall Street Journal.
Lomborg also pointed to a study published in Nature in November showing globally that "there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years."
Domestically, the number of wildfires across the U.S. this year is on pace to be the fewest in the past 10 years and the acreage involved is at the second lowest level in that same period, according to an analysis by the National Interagency Fire Center.
The only useful thing Al Gore can do about the Australian bushfires is maybe to grab the business end of a fire hose and try to help put them out.


  1. We are used to the idea that Gore will tell lies to hype his Global Warming fraud but what really cheesed off many Australians was the help he received from our public broadcaster, the ABC. Here it is often referred to as the ALPBC meaning the press arm of the Australian Labor Party. One can see the fury and fear among the AGW alarmists because our new Prime Minister will scrap the hated Carbon tax. Their fear is that other governments might follow suit and the trough may dry up.

  2. We drain the forests' rivers and water tables to support our farmlands and cities. How much does this increase the effects of a natural drought?

    US forests have been managed by the Forest Service for over 100 years. How much and when have firefighters' budgets been cut? How has increasing knowledge of the vital role of wildfires in the natural life cycle of forests changed the policies of how forests are managed? How often have wildfire-related lawsuits by misguided environmentalists destroyed the very forests they were trying to save?

    80% of US forests have allowed logging (and been re-planted) in the last century. More of that logging occurred earlier in the century, so current-day forests are taller and (thanks to vigorous man-made firefighting) denser.

    Clearly, climate change is not the only thing that affects wildfires. Has anyone done a peer-reviewed paper that includes all of that?