Friday, December 13, 2013

Handy guide to the logical fallacies used by global warming alarmists

A handy guide to the fallacies of logic used by global warming alarmists, politicians, and the media to fool people: 


A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. Logical fallacies are like tricks or illusions of thought, and they're often very sneakily used by politicians and the media to fool people. Don't be fooled! This website has been designed to help you identify and call out dodgy logic wherever it may raise its ugly, incoherent head.

Antropogenic Global Warming Advocates and Logical Fallacies

Argumentum ad populum - "There's a consensus on AGW." The mere fact of a consensus – even if there were one – tells us nothing whatsoever about whether the proposition to which the consensus supposedly assents is true or false.

Argumentum ad verecundiam - "James Hansen says ..." The appeal to authority. Even the experts can be wrong.

Argumentum ad ignorantiam - "We can't find any other reason for the warming so it must be due to man." The argument from ignorance.

Ignoratio elenchi - "Warming is accelerating." The red herring. Warming is not accelerating.

Argumentum ad misericordiam - "What about the cute polar bears?" The argument of inappropriate pity. The polar bears are doing just fine, thanks.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc - We've been pumping CO2 into the atmosphere for 60 years, that's what is causing the warming." The argument of false causes. The warming still might be due to something else.

Argumentum ad petitionem principii - "We program our models to show strong warming if CO2 is added to the air. Our models show strong warming." Circular argument fallacy, in which a premise is also the conclusion.

A dicto simpliciter ad dictum secundum quid - "Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming." The fallacy of accident. Even the IPCC admits that it is fallacious to blame individual extreme weather events on global warming.

A dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter - "Arctic ice is melting therefore man caused global warming is a problem." The inappropriate argument from the particular to the general.

Argumentum ad hominem - The attack on the person rather than his or her argument.

Argumentum ad baculum - "Climate skeptics should be killed/thrown in prison." The argument of force.

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  1. Congratulations, straw men and false premises - all intellectually dishonest debate tactics.