Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review paper finds 20th century warming in Asia was not unprecedented

A new paper from SPPI and CO2 Science reviews the scientific literature on historical temperature trends in Asia and concludes, "It is difficult to see how climate alarmists can continue to claim that 20th century warming was unprecedented over the past millennium. Clearly, this has not been the case for various parts of Asia." 

[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]
At a time when we're told that the world is hotter than it's been over the past thousand or more years, this information is not exactly what one would expect to hear, unless, of course, the claim is wrong. And, in fact, that is what it appears to be; for a number of real-world (as opposed to climate-model) studies provide evidence that Asian temperatures during the first half of the past century and earlier were sometimes much warmer than they have been over the past couple of decades. And some of them suggest that temperature trends of the past few decades have actually been negative, rather than positive.
Distinctive climatic regimes are evident in the records of many sites from all around the world. They demonstrate the reality of a millennial-scale climate cycle that operates independently of changes in the air's CO2 content.

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