Saturday, December 28, 2013

72 billion Hiroshima bombs of 'missing heat' went into the oceans naturally during the last interglacial

A new paper finds that sea surface temperatures during the last interglacial ~120,000 years ago were about 3C warmer than modern temperatures. Since the world's oceans have warmed only 0.09C over the past 55 years, that would be a factor of 33.3 times less modern ocean warming than during the last interglacial. 

The 0.09C ocean warming over the past 55 years is hyped by paid climate propagandists to 13e+22 Joules of alleged "missing heat" going into the oceans. Thus, during the last interglacial, 33.3*13e+22 J or 433.3e+22 J of "missing heat" went into the oceans during the last interglacial. 

Translating this to Crook & Nuttertelli's ludicrous Hiroshima analogy, 433.3e+22/6e+13 = 72,222,221,666 or 72 billion Hiroshima bombs of "missing heat" went into the oceans naturally during the last interglacial, 33 times more than during the current interglacial. 

Only shortwave radiation from the Sun is capable of penetrating and heating the bulk of the oceans; longwave infrared radiation from increased greenhouse gases only causes evaporative surface cooling of the top few microns of the ocean 'skin' surface. Thus, both the 72 billion Hiroshima bombs of "missing heat" during the last interglacial, and the 2 billion Hiroshima bombs of "missing heat" during the current interglacial came entirely from the Sun; CO2 played no role. 


Kitten sneezes or Hiroshima bombs, the fact is the 0.09C ocean warming over the past 55 years [Levitus et al 2012] proves that:

1.  The IPCC exaggerates effect of man on climate by more than 5 times

2. The warming is not from longwave infrared from increased greenhouse gases

3. Due the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, an ocean that is 0.09C warmer can only warm the atmosphere by a maximum of an additional 0.09C. 

4. Douglass & Knox disproved the assumptions behind the Kitten/Hiroshima analogy used by Cook/Nuccitelli

and here

5. Why the 'one Hiroshima bomb every four seconds' claim is another AGW lie


  1. The fact that they have found fossil evidence in Ontario that certain trees such as pawpaw (Asminia triloba) grew north of Lake Ontario during the last interglacial period, when today, their natural distribution in Ontario is restricted to the Carolinian Zone (areas adjacent to Lake Erie) is further proof that the last interglacial period was indeed warmer than present, therefore, present temps are neither extraordinary, nor unprecedented.

    1. I admit that I found the info in a book that I had regarding the natural history of the Great Lakes region. However, after some research, I did manage to find some info online in a book that referenced the discovery of sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) pollen at a site located near Toronto, ON, which is actually an even better example, since this species no longer occurs naturally in Canada.

      Anyway, here is the book in question:

      Global Environments Through the Quaternary: Exploring Evironmental Change
      By David Anderson, Andrew Goudie, Adrian Parker

  2. Hiroshima bomb comparison