Thursday, February 27, 2014

New paper finds 100% of the trend in number of "hot days" is artificial, due to poor-siting of thermometers, not global warming

A paper published today in Theoretical and Applied Climatology examines the effect of urbanization on extreme temperature readings in North China and finds statistically significant evidence that urbanization [the Urban Heat Island [UHI] effect] is responsible for 100% of the artificial trend in number of hot days, and 94.1% of the artificial trend in extreme maximum temperatures. In other words, 100% of the reported trends in the number of hot days are due to poor-siting of temperature stations, and have absolutely nothing to do with alleged man-made global warming.

The artificial urbanization contributions to overall trends reported by the authors are:

Urbanization contributions to the overall trends:

hot days 100%

cold days 38%

frost days 42.2%

diurnal temperature range (DTR) 40%

extreme maximum temperature 94.1%

extreme minimum temperature 47%

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