Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Union of Concerned Scientists & Dogs says skeptics don't use facts or reasoned argument

The Union of Concerned 'Scientists', which accepts anyone with a check book [including dogs] into their political action front-group of mostly non-scientists, has produced the 'explainer' below claiming climate skeptics are "trying to confuse us all" "not with facts or reasoned argument - but with disinformation."

This is laughably false and illustrated by over 3,000 peer-reviewed published scientific papers cited, analyzed, and referenced on this little unpaid-volunteer blog alone, not to mention many others, The NIPCC Report, and blogs by top climate scientists. The UCS is clearly projecting it's own shameful tactics of "trying to confuse us all" "not with facts or reasoned argument - but with disinformation."

The dysexplainer uses the example of Steve Gorham's 2013 article in The Washington Times pointing out that due to the unpredictable and intermittent nature of wind & solar power, it is doubtful that these renewable sources reduce CO2 emissions. Subsequent analyses by energy experts have borne out his assertion. The UCS simply ignores the huge intermittancy problems of renewable energy and drags out the old, tired, repeatedly debunked & irrelevant 'big tobacco' argument, since that's much easier than using "facts or reasoned argument."

"Powerful coal, oil, and gas interests are trying to confuse us all about global warming and renewable energy. Not with facts or reasoned argument — but with disinformation. In this interactive slideshow, UCS reveals the tactics used by the fossil fuel industry to spread disinformation and delay action on climate change — the very same tactics used by Big Tobacco for years to mislead the public about the dangers of smoking."

Ten reasons why intermittent wind & solar power are a problem, not a solution

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