Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New paper debunks alarmist claims that Atlantic Ocean circulation will shut down

The cli-fi movie The Day After Tomorrow, based on claims by real climate alarmists, proposed all manner of climate chaos will occur from an alleged effect of man-made greenhouse gases shutting down the natural ocean oscillation the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation [AMOC]. In the movie, shutdown of the AMOC somehow results in 300 foot waves overtaking the Statue of Liberty and Sydney Opera House, a Northern Hemisphere polar-vortex ice age, and catastrophic global climate destruction everywhere.

Where will you be on the day after tomorrow?
The claims of AMOC shutdown have been made for years on the basis of [falsified] climate models. However, a paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters uses a newer ocean sea-ice model projecting that warming of deep waters around Antarctica will instead strengthen the AMOC and that "this process may counteract the projected decrease of the AMOC in the next decades."

Whew, the Statue of Liberty is safe after all

Other recent papers find the scare about AMOC shutdown could instead 'just be part of natural ocean fluctuations', the natural AMOC significantly contributed to ocean warming since 1850, climate model projections are "not realistic" due to inability to model ocean oscillations such as the AMOC, and that natural variation of the AMOC is one of 12+ excuses for the "pause" of global warming

Longwave infrared radiation from greenhouse gases cannot significantly heat the oceans, thus, these projections will remain computer modeling games and cli-fi. 

Abyssal ocean warming around Antarctica strengthens the Atlantic Overturning Circulation

Lavinia Patara and Claus W. Böning

The abyssal warming around Antarctica is one of the most prominent multi-decadal signals of change in the global ocean. Here we investigate its dynamical impacts on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) by performing a set of experiments with the ocean-sea ice model NEMO-LIM2 at ½° horizontal resolution. The simulations suggest that the ongoing warming of AABW, already affecting much of the Southern Hemisphere with a rate of up to 0.05 °C decade-1, has important implications for the large-scale meridional overturning circulation in the Atlantic Ocean. While the abyssal northward flow of AABW is weakening, we find the upper AMOC cell to progressively strengthen by 5-10% in response to deep density changes in the South Atlantic. The simulations suggest that the AABW-induced strengthening of the AMOC is already extending into the subtropical North Atlantic, implying that the process may counteract the projected decrease of the AMOC in the next decades.

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  1. http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/JCLI-D-12-00095.1?

    paper finds AMOC has strengthened