Monday, September 27, 2010

Sign of the Times: Not even online readers of 'Scientific' American or Nature 'Trust' Scientists on Climate Change

A new "in science we trust" poll is out surveying the online readership of 'Scientific' American and Nature with some eye-opening results. The purpose was to find out whether the "public" still trusts scientists on controversial issues in the wake of climategate and other recent scientific scandals. Even amongst the "highly educated" online readership, many of whom are scientists themselves, the poll results show that trust in scientists to provide accurate information on climate change couldn't make it over the 'trust' hump and were far away from 'highly trust.'
The 'Scientific' American article mentions once the biased nature of the sample and everywhere else in the article equates the results with the general public in violation of statistics 101. The hate speech of the D-word is also utilized:
Numerous polls show a decline in the percentage of Americans who believe humans affect climate, but our survey suggests the nation is not among the worst deniers. (Those are France, Japan and Australia.) 
Multiple polls worldwide now show only 30-40% of the public at large believe in human-induced climate change. Thus, 'Scientific' American effectively manages to insult many of its international online readers as 'deniers' and insults the majority of the international public at large as 'deniers.' Why don't they also label anyone who doubts the science on any of the other topics above as 'deniers?'


  1. I have also noticed that so-called "skeptical" organizations such as CSICOP are also very loving of that term "denier". Basically, they think AGW is scientific because of a consensus. Not to mention they are in full support of SETI, which is based on faulty equations.

  2. And did they just insult Japan? Why not Russia or China? After all, they didn't even approve of AGW, let alone "deny" it.