Friday, August 22, 2014

Watch Now: New Documentary 'The Global Warming War'

Watch Now: New excellent documentary 'The Global Warming War' is available for viewing in entirety as as film festival preview. The documentary features many prominent skeptics including Dr. Tim Ball, Marc Morano, Dr. David Deming, Dr. J. Scott Armstrong, Steve Goreham, Dennis Avery, Dr. Vincent Gray, Myron Ebell, Joe D'Aleo, Dr. Mark Alliegro, Dr. John Theon, Dr. Henrik Svensmark, Lawrence Solomon, Dr. Marlo Lewis, John Coleman, Dr. James Wanliss, Dr. Bill Gray, Dr. Paul Driessen, and others and well worth watching. 


The full-length documentary film festival preview available here [password is 4festival]


  1. Password for link no longer works


    The documentary is available to rent or purchase here: