Monday, April 19, 2010

CNBC's "Carbon Hunters" to Premiere Tomorrow

Snide on-air promo states "will it save the earth or is it all a scam?"

Press release: "Carbon Hunters" on CNBC will premiere on Tuesday, April 20th at 10pm ET, and repeats that night at 1am ET. The documentary will re-air on Sunday, April 25th at 10pm ET.

Can going green make you money? Or is the $100 billion carbon trading market all smoke and mirrors? Carbon Hunters on CNBC takes you inside this controversial, market-driven solution to pollution, where you will meet a new breed of entrepreneurs cashing in on the ‘green rush’. From the Chicago Climate Exchange to Hollywood to ‘Garbage Mountain’ in the Philippines, carbon trading is attracting investors and critics.

As always, follow the money for the answers (not part of press release). Also note, CNBC is owned by General Electric, a manufacturer of wind turbines, nuclear, and fossil fuel power plants.

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