Monday, April 26, 2010

The Global Temperature Anomaly Race Track

And they're off! Since the starting gate of the 1998 El Nino, the Hansen/GISS thoroughbred racehorse maintains it's commanding lead from it's flying start and sharp pullout from the year 2000 backstretch. The Hansen/GISS thoroughbred was the clear favorite and thus odds are only even money for a win, even though a track record is in the offing. Pulling up the rear and actually going the "wrong" way are the neck-to-neck long-shots RSS and UAH satellite donkeys, at a record anomaly difference of .3°C, about half of the entire claimed global warming anomaly of the past century. The Hansen/GISS thoroughbred is the only one that can continue to spin that the globe is the hottest in re-recorded history at every stretch, and can continue it's commanding lead by adjustments and deletions of inconvenient data, an advantage not available to the satellite donkeys which are at 1000-1 odds. Global bets placed upon the outcome are currently estimated at $45 trillion. 

1 comment:

  1. The graph would be clearer if the trend line was the same color as the track that it is trending.

    The race track analogy is too cute; just keep it simple and explain that Hansen's data and Jones' data are much hotter than the other data and that Hansen is a rabid idealogue. How does it make any sense to put a rabid idealogue in charge of basic data collection? Jones should not be in charge of the CRU data.