Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Analysis Confirms Greenhouse Effect of CO2 already Saturated

Unpublished paper well worth a read available today at by mechanical engineer and heat transfer expert Dan Pangburn

"is a comprehensive discussion of the science relating to the Global Warming issue and includes a fairly simple model (on page 15) that accurately predicts all average global temperatures since 1895 including the recent decline.

I observed the many conflicting assertions regarding the existence and cause of Global Warming, particularly as to whether it was significantly contributed to by human activity.
This led to substantial curiosity as to the truth. As a result I have conducted research on the issue for thousands of hours for over three years and have determined that the belief that human activity has had a significant influence on global climate is a mistake.

Greenhouse Analogy

This may be how the mistake began. Incorrect conclusions may have been drawn from various observations and discoveries. Some of the discoveries and developments are..."

One of the conclusions pertinent to recent discussions and posts here is the corroboration using different methods that:
"at the present CO2 level, atmospheric carbon dioxide increase has no significant influence on [average global temperatures]"

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