Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paper: AGW Rejected. Solar Irradiance Changes responsible for 74% of Global Warming 1880-2000

From the [pre-publication] paper, solar irradiance contributed 0.40 (74%) of the 0.54°C warming from 1880-2000, and CO2 contributed .09°C (17%) (and note man-made CO2 emissions only constitute 3-4% of the atmospheric CO2- therefore the man-made CO2 contribution to temperature would be 0.0036°C):
         Contributions to Global Warming in the 20th Century

                                                                 1940-2000        1880-2000

      Solar irradiance                                   0.17                0.40 

      rfCO2                                                       0.20                0.09

      rfCH4                                                       0.11                0.03

      rfN2O                                                     0.002               0.03

      Total                                                          0.48                0.54

      Change in temperature                      0.43                0.54 

Contrast to the IPCC AR4 models which assume that CO2 accounts for 97% of positive forcing of climate change and that solar irradiance positive forcing is a mere 7% of that of CO2:

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