Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Own IPCC Climate Computer

Hey kids, now you too can do your own climate modeling using the IPCC's own complex & sophisticated climate computer (97% of it). Just enter the starting CO2 level in parts per million and the ending and it will calculate how much global warming will occur!  Here

Warning: do not use without parental supervision. Climate computer uses only 97% of the IPCC model of total positive radiative forcing since only 97% of it comes from CO2: temperature anomaly=4.7*ln(ending CO2/starting CO2). Model only applies to the 20th and 21st centuries since temperature anomalies bear no relation to the Medieval Warming Period with much lower CO2 levels nor the geologic record with CO2 levels in the mid-1000s per million throughout ice ages.The "official" temperature anomaly calculated by this computer is not guaranteed to match 97% of the IPCC model nor reality.


  1. Wow and 97% of it should allow statistical significance at the 95% confidence limits


  2. equation used is a simplified version of the equation noted here: