Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ARGO Global Sea Temperatures 0-1900m

From the ARGO network (see last post) Pacific Marine Atlas program, a plot of global sea temperature 0 to 1900m depth for the past six years:

Digitization of this graph for trendline analysis shows a very slight increase in temperature of 0.03°C per decade:
Note Satellite Records of ocean temperature only measure at the sea surface whereas the ARGO measurements extend from the surface to 1900m depth.


  1. Very interesting. Looks like they've been working hard to re-analyse the data until it shows warming. No wonder they won't give us direct access to the data. I wonder what Craig Loehle makes of it.

  2. Thanks tallbloke,

    I had a long conversation about 1 year ago with Josh Willis at JPL who controls this data. He wanted to know how I got the data - and I mentioned the Pacific Marine Atlas which was at the time being updated every month for years. Shortly afterwards the updates to the Pacific Marine Atlas stopped for an indefinite period of time to "re-analyze" the data and haven't been available for several months since. Hmmmmmm

  3. I really don't want to imply Josh WIllis is up to anything nefarious. I know he came under a lot of pressure after the interview he did where he unguardedly admitted to a 'slight cooling' since 2003. That interview was *after* the 'rogue' float data had been removed.

    Craig Loehle's analysis shows strong cooling down to 700m.

    So if your graph is good, then there is strong warming from 700m to 1900m. A puzzle.

    Either old solar energy is rising from the depths, or Trenberth's missing heat somehow bypassed 700m of cooling ocean to embed itself between 700 and 1900m.

    Or there's some monkey business going on with the data.

    Place bets now.

  4. Wait a minute. That looks like 0.02C/decade not 0.2!

    You had my motor running for a while there. ;-)

    So essentially flat to 1900m. That I can live with.

  5. Thanks tallbloke for pointing out that error- should be .03 C per decade. I will correct the post.