Saturday, November 6, 2010

Analysis: Serious Flaws in the IPCC Process

A new SPPI paper illustrates serious flaws in the IPCC assessment process using the "GlacierGate" example, including plagiarism from non-peer reviewed sources with false attribution to different sources, and authors who "are allowed to cite whatever sources they wish and write whatever they wish within a wide scope, safe in the knowledge that their work will not be checked, save by reviewers whose comments they can ignore with impunity."

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  1. This little error still remains to be corrected, strangely no mainstream press coverage:

    The missing entry is noted by Dr. Basnayake in FOD Expert Review Comments. He states:
    “”Table 10.2″ under Sri Lanka -change in temperature “minimum and maximum temperatures have been increasing during tthe last centurary. 0.016 C increase per year during 1961-90 period over the entire country. 2.0 C increase per century over the central highlands.” under the references “Basnayake, B.R.S.B. et al 2002″”
    . Note he said 2.0 C per century.
    Dr. Basnayake’s comments are accepted by the lead authors and is then included in the Second Order Draft (SOD) as
    “0.016°C increase per year between 1961-90over entire country, 2°C increase per year in central highlands”
    Note they changed century to year, and left out the reference as well.