Monday, November 29, 2010

The Kyoto Protocol Scorecard: Cost: $868 Billion, CO2 Reduction: 0.3%, Warming 'averted': 0.009°C

The latest round of international climate talks beginning this week in Cancun will begin to formulate a new treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol expiring in 2012. For obvious reasons, the mainstream media and IPCC don't mention the scorecard for the Kyoto Protocol, which has been in place since February 16, 2005:

Kyoto Protocol Scorecard 

Global Cost: $868 Billion
Global Warming supposedly averted by 2050: 0.009°C  
CO2 Emissions Reduction: 0.3%
Cost per 1°C of Global Warming supposedly averted by 2050: $96.4 Trillion
Number of Delegates in Cancun aware of these numbers: estimated to be 0 


  1. People who go to Cancun are not really interested in fighting "man-made warming" as there is no warming happening now. They are interested in $100 B of climate aid promised by the US alone in Copenhagen last year, tens of billions of $ more from the EU, from Japan, Canada, etc. They're interested in money extortion and energy rationing.

  2. I used the above summary in my new article, "Cancun capitalism vs. climate socialism", Thanks.