Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review paper on cosmoclimatology finds the Sun controls climate change, not CO2

A new SPPI & CO2 Science review paper entitled Solar Influence on Climate: Cosmic Rays reviews the literature on Svensmark's theory of cosmoclimatology and concludes, "Clearly, in light of all the evidence presented above, the flux of galactic cosmic rays wields an important influence on Earth's climate, and likely much more so than that exhibited by the modern increase in atmospheric CO2 , making fluctuations in the Sun the primary candidate for "prime determinant" of Earth's climatic state."

[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]
The study of extraterrestrial climatic forcing factors is primarily a study of phenomena related to the Sun. Historically, this field of inquiry began with the work of Milankovitch (1920, 1941), who linked the cyclical glaciations of the past million years to the receipt of solar radiation at the surface of the Earth as modulated by variations in Earth's orbit and rotational characteristics. Subsequent investigations implicated a number of other solar phenomena that operate on both shorter and longer timescales; and this summary reviews the findings of the subset of those studies that involve galactic cosmic rays (GCRs).

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