Friday, May 17, 2013

Worried about 400 ppm CO2? Distinguished Princeton physicist Dr. William Happer says 1000+ ppm would be good for the planet

Bishop Hill links to a video of distinguished Princeton physicist Dr. William Happer, who explains that 1000+ ppm CO2 would be good for both the planet and humanity.

William Happer recently appeared on CNBC's Squawkbox show, discussing the 400ppm story.



  2. When the earth had 4000 ppm, (450 million years ago), the sun was much dimmer. 4000 ppm NOW would be a total disaster. The previous spike in CO2 around 650 million years ago pushed the temperature of the earth by 50c, up from arctic temperatures near the equator, to higher than modern temperatures world wide. The world has warmed since 1998. 2005 was warmer, as was this year 2013. Agriculture production is going down due to greater variation in climate. Corn production failed due to heat, pushing up price of corn by 40% world wide.