Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Climategate-"In an odd way it's cheering news!"

So said Phil Jones regarding the death of a man-made global warming skeptic, John Daly. But with the climategate revelations casting serious doubt about the real cause of global warming and enforcing the claims of skeptics that climate changes are mostly the result of changes in solar magnetic activity rather than man-made CO2, isn't this truly "cheering news" that the world economy doesn't have to be reordered to control CO2, and that the planet has survived large changes in solar activity and 10 fold higher levels of CO2 over millennia? Isn't it "cheering news" that we are really not on the way to irreversible man-made global calamity? Trying to control warming by controlling man-made CO2 is likely to be completely unnecessary, and CO2 may actually have beneficial effects such as increase in plant growth rates (it's plant food).  It is impossible to control solar activity, so shouldn't we better devote resources to dealing with flooding, hurricanes, drought, and other weather phenomena that are natural and not significantly due to man-made CO2? "In an odd way, it's cheering news!"

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