Sunday, December 27, 2009

Equatorial Warm Water Volume: No Trend Over 30 Years

From the NOAA website:
"A convenient index of equatorial Pacific heat content is the integrated warm water volume (WWV) above the 20°C isotherm between 5°N-5°S, 120°E to 80°W Meinen and McPhaden (2000). We have derived monthly WWV values from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Research Center (BMRC) Ocean Analyses (Smith, 1995) which are based primarily on TAO/TRITON mooring data and ship-of-opportunity XBT data ( Monthly anomalies are computed by removing a mean seasonal cycle for a base period of 1980-2002."
Note the strong El Nino spike in 1998 in the Pacific, but no overall trend over 30 years.

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