Sunday, September 7, 2014

97 Loong Hours of Climate Scam Debunking

Cartoonist John Cook from SS has cooked up the world's most boring telethon ever, to highlight 97 quotes over 97 hours on twitter from a veritable Who's Who that support the climate-alarm-scam-industrial-complex. As WUWT put it
"97 hours of consensus? Wow. Just over four days worth of mind numbing claims about a 97% number that has long since been falsified and shown to be little more than a statistical fabrication of Cook and Co. With this episode, Cook’s fixation on that fake 97% number boils down to this:"

I've taken on the task of debunking this 97 hours of the same tired old arguments that continue to fail, at least 97 times over, each one of them. Here's the first 7 on twitter:


  1. Excellent. True, none of the true believers will admit any of it. But a nice, and accurate, presentation none the less.

  2. also see