Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ocean 'Acidification' Scare Debunked from a Geochemical Perspective

Section from the NIPCC Report written by Associate Professor of Geochemistry Dr. Tom Segalstad debunks the ocean "acidification" scare from a geochemical perspective:



  1. How and when did science get so stupid….
    CO2 levels are no where near high enough to lower pH of the oceans…..It can’t happen until it’s high enough…long enough….to deplete the oceans of buffer
    …and the buffer comes from CO2 itself

    It’s a viscous cycle…..

  2. BTW, the “acidification” picture is by far exaggerating the “problem”. If humans burn all available coals and gas, there “might” be a problem for calcification, but that doesn’t even lower the pH below neutral. Even where such organisms grow near undersea volcanic vents, they still grow healthy.
    Coccolithophores (shielded plankton) grow their chalk shield directly from bicarbonates, thus no direct problem for them: