Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another "awful" email from Phil Jones?

From the recently released NASA FOIA files part 4 (not in the Climategate files), what appears to be another "awful" email from Phil Jones to James Hansen & Co. at GISS:

In point #4 Phil Jones says his "biggest worry is China. CMA [The Chinese Meteorological Agency] don't (sic) measure at airports, and they keep moving suburban locations a few more miles out as the cities expand...hope they will...send me their adjusted data (for site moves, but not urban influences). They are doing some reasonable work, but not seeing the big picture..."

As I understand this email, Phil Joneses biggest worry is that China doesn't have upwardly biased temperature records like many other parts of the world because they don't measure at airports and keep moving thermometers further out as the cities expand. What a terrible practice that is! And why isn't Phil interested in the urban influences data? It must be that the Chinese are not seeing the big picture...  And what big picture would that be that Phil didn't want to put in writing in this email?

Someone please tell me I misunderstood and why. And please also explain #1 listed under "other issues" on why NCDC will be increasing global temps from about 2000 onwards. Hansen likes this and says in his reply at top that the NOAA SSTs [sea surface temperatures] seemed just a hair cool to him as well.


  1. The answers to all your questions is simple: UAE, Jones, and most if not all of the climate "science" cohort are simply conspirators to one degree or another. Some, like Jones, knows exactly what they're doing, many others take the liars at face value despite knowing the problems with Jones' data, and some are just parroting the popular meme.

    The direct conspiracy involves 10-20 individuals, including Mann, Jones, and Briffa, while the remainder are willingly cooperating for their own reasons.

    Sad but true.

  2. Anonymous: yes indeed very sad but true.
    How can this email be interpreted in any other way? I have tried but failed to determine any other innocent interpretation. Also indicts IMHO Hansen, Schmidt & Co at GISS who think this is "very helpful".

    How do these hypocrites sleep at night?

    1. They sleep very well at night on the grants they get.