Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MUST SEE: New Video on Mann-made Global Warming

New taxpayer-supported video propaganda on Global Warming was just released by the National Science Foundation, in which Michael Mann plays a prominent role. The discredited Mann hockey stick graph is shown with "hide the decline" and "Mike's Nature trick" included as a single continuous line between the tree ring and thermometer records. In answer to the question "what's unusual about the earth's warming during the past century?" Mann claims that the Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age (mostly erased using Mann-made statistics from his hockey stick graph) were regional only, whereas the current warming is global. Mann chooses to ignore the peer-reviewed studies of more than 800 scientists indicating that the Medieval Warming Period was global and most studies show hotter than today.

Mann also states that the models agree with observations (they don't).
Q: How do we know the warming is due to CO2? Well, because the failed models say so. And the models predict more warming at the poles and that's what the thermometers show (but we won't mention that we have cherry picked stations that show warming out of ~20 in the arctic and extrapolate arctic temperatures from much lower latitudes).
Gore would be proud that they use the same trick of showing the temperature v. CO2 ice core data without mentioning that temperature leads CO2 levels by ~800 years:

The videos also have a host of other misrepresentations, including stating that the model-predicted tropical tropospheric hot spot has been observed (it has not), that only by including CO2 (imaginary) positive feedbacks can models predict temperature (without including any consideration of ocean oscillations, clouds, water vapor effects, etc.), and many others. Sad day for science.


  1. The National Science Foundation PAID for That?
    His @!*$#ing graph has been disproved at least three different times.

    How Much did it co$t?

  2. I don't know, but anything above zero was a waste