Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dr. Bill Gray's Rebuttal of Boston Globe OpEd

Update: Flashback to Kerry Emanuel's false predictions in Time Magazine 1987


  1. I was shocked to read Emanuel's piece. Especially the notion that without a few trace greenhouse gasses the earth would be 60F cooler. Or that "actual observations of the planet, and complex models... all point to ongoing, potentially dangerous human alteration of climate."It immediately had me thinking "who is this guy?", then, when I ready the signature line, I was dumbstruck. What does this say about MIT?


    Thanks for posting this, and thanks to Bill Gray for taking the time to rebut.

  2. Checked at MIT, he is a tropical storm expert who seems to be a clear thinker in that domain.

    First line in his FAQ on GW and Hurricanes:

    Q: Is global warming causing more hurricanes?

    A: No. The global, annual frequency of tropical cyclones (the generic, meteorological term for the storm that is called a tropical storm or hurricane in the Atlantic region) is about 90, plus or minus 10. There is no indication whatsoever of a long-term trend in this number.

  3. Richard Lindzen takes Emanuel to task another Boston Globe rebuttal titled "The sound of alarm"